Shuhei Kagawa


Hi, my name is Shuhei. I’m a programmer based in Zürich.

When I’m not in front of my keyboard, I wander around the streets of Zürich, give a look at the spines of my book collection, or enjoy NEIPA.

I occasionally tweet at Twitter and put some hobby code at GitHub. You can check my professional profile at LinkedIn.


Side projects

  • 2017 Pixelm: A pixel editor optimized for mobile devices and written with Elm.
  • 2016 Compare: A super-simple mobile app to compare temperatures of yesterday and today
  • 2015 Weird Attractors: Tweaked Strange Attractors.
  • 2013 Land Prices in Japan 2012-2013: Land prices in Japan visualized with Three.js.
  • 2013 Go Board: A Go game implementation in JavaScript.