Shuhei Kagawa



Visible Things

  • Pixelm: A pixel editor optimized for mobile devices and written with Elm.
  • Compare: A super-simple mobile app to compare temperatures of yesterday and today
  • Weird Attractors: Tweaked Strange Attractors.
  • Blurred Cube: An experiment of pure WebGL and Audio User Media.
  • Contrib: Check your GitHub Contributions on your phone. Build with React.js and SVG.
  • Land Prices in Japan 2012-2013: Land prices in Japan visualized with Three.js.
  • Perfume Dev: Perfume's choreography data visualized with Three.js.
  • *** Books: Books in my bookshelf.
  • Dymaxion Paint: An interactive demo that I made with Three.js. You can paint on a dymaxion.
  • TenderLearn (Front-end and back-end development)
  • Go Board: A Go game implementation in JavaScript.
  • My Tweet Stats: My tweet stats visualized with Protoviz.
  • Groundscape Design Institute: A website for an association for civil engineers, architects, landscape designers and etc. Made with WordPress.
  • Groundscape Design Workshop 2007: A website for an urban design workshop. Made with Flash and ActionScript 3.